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Transforming health with dedicated care, redefining healing and wellbeing.

" It is impossible to come across a more warm, professional recovery environment as Club Health. It is simply the best.  Luis is a complete maestro when it comes to all things body related, Bow has taught me so much about my own body, and who knew I would actually enjoy Clinical Pilates. "

The Inspiration

Following over a decade in healthcare, Club Heath Founder, Luis Ribeiro spotted a weakness in how Patients were being diagnosed and treated. The approaches he was seeing were one-dimensional, shortsighted, with off-the-shelf solutions that addressed everyone, and as a result, no one. Quick fixes, avoidable surgeries, endless medication and undiagnosed conditions were among the things that triggered the idea of a multidisciplinary Clinic, that aims to change peoples’ lives through exceptional care.

At CH we handle each Patient as an individual case, connecting all elements of wellbeing. Starting from within, while paying attention to every weakness in the body, we identify the source of the problem and resolve its root cause.

The Objective

Our Team of Practitioners strive to provide state-of-the-art care for every single Patient, to enable them to reach 100% of their potential, and live their lives to the fullest. Whether their goal is to overcome surgery, return to their favourite sport, or be able to play with their grandkids, we make it our personal mission to get them there, and ensure lifelong results.

While our Patients’ wellbeing and longevity are at the forefront of everything we do, Club Health goes beyond that. Clarifying misconceptions around Health & Wellness, and spreading awareness on the importance of a consistent pragmatic lifestyle, are integral to what we do.

We want people to deeply understand the importance of proper nutrition, functional training and mental health, but most importantly, to understand the connection between them. None of the above work in isolation and none of them work as quick fixes.

The Drive

Evident results motivate us, as strongly as they motivate our Patients. Witnessing lives being transformed without the vicious cycle of misdiagnoses, unnecessary surgeries and addictive medication, is what keeps us going! Watch our Patients’ share their personal stories here and reach out to our Team to share your wellness goals and aspirations.

We are passionate about giving people the lifestyle they seek, and we make sure we are part of their journey, every step of the way.

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience from the moment I walked into Club Health...The expertise and care provided by the physiotherapists is the best I've ever come across. They listened to my concerns and my personal treatment plan results were fantastic."

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