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" I am very grateful to have been a client somewhere which aims to enhance both your physical and mental capabilities to a state even greater than your pre-injury self. Thank you very much to a team that I am now honoured to call my friends! "

Yvonne F. Testimonial

Yvonne's journey at Club Health has given her back the active pain-free lifestyle she was missing. Watch her inspiring story.

Vlad M. Testimonial

Our gratitude goes beyond the Club Health family, as we celebrate the dedicated partners who strengthen our community. Watch Vlad's testimonial here.

Stephen V. Testimonial

Prepare to be moved with Stephen's inspiring journey to recovery as he overcame chronic pain and physical limitations that had kept him from his passion as a Carpenter.

Dr Sandeep B. Testimonial

The risk with aches and pains is how often they occur. We adapt to them and keep going by pushing through. Here is the story of Dr Sandeep B.

Morgan S. Testimonial

Morgan’s story is a testament to the compassionate care provided by the Club Health Team. Find out more about her story.

Marcelo M.R. Testimonial

Marcelo, a successful lawyer and father, never imagined he would have to undergo knee surgery. Learn how our Team has helped him return to his favourite sport.

Lyndon T Testimonial

When injuries strike, they can leave us feeling helpless and trapped in a cycle of pain and discomfort. Watch Lyndon's story here.

Khadija B. Testimonial

At Club Health, we are committed to helping individuals overcome any obstacles they may be facing, whether it be a difficult pregnancy or an injury. This is Khadija's story.

João Paulo T. Testimonial

Heartbreak. That’s what João felt when he realised a simple misstep left him with a devastating knee injury. Listen to his story and find out more.

Jason H. Testimonial

Athletes are more prone to injury than the general population. Learn how Jason's performance & quality of life is improved through Physiotherapy.

Isabela P. Testimonial

See how Isabela came to the realisation that the “small things” are actually the BIG things in this episode of Patient Testimonials.

Fawzi A. Testimonial

Watch Fawzi's testimonial for a truly life-changing transformation.

Averill O.G. Testimonial

You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain anymore. Averill's inspiring story will show you how.

Antonio A. Testimonial

Antonio’s story is more common than it should be. Find out how addressing posture imbalances has changed Antonio's life.

Anna K. Testimonial

Anna turned to our Team after seeing multiple Practitioners for her back pain, that had no impact or longterm relief. Watch her story to find out more.

Ankur S. Testimonial

When Ankur faced a shoulder injury, it felt like her fitness journey had come to a sudden halt. Learn how the right diagnosis and Plan of Care has helped Ankur return to weightlifting.

Prof. Ali Noorani Testimonial

We are absolutely honoured to call Prof. Ali Noorani a part of our extended Team. Watch the video and find out more about the synergy between CH & Prof. Noorani.

Robert P. Testimonial

“Luis has an innate understanding of how the body works, and where the problems lie, and an ability to fix them quickly, and efficiently.” Watch Robert P. share his inspiring story and experience with our Team.‍

Sonny B. Testimonial

Watch Sonny B.'s testimonial to see how our Team goes beyond treatment by educating Patients about their core issues and their personalised Plan of Care. Discover how we work together to achieve each Patient's 100%.

Michael S. Testimonial

Watch Michael S.' testimonial to find out how our Team has helped her manage endometriosis symptoms and improve her quality of life.

Simon D. Testimonial

For elite athletes, Physiotherapy should be an essential part of the training routine—not just for recovery, but also for injury prevention. Learn more by watching Simon D.'s testimonial.

Drake P. Testimonial

Unmatched devotion combined with unparalleled expertise. Founder Luis Ribeiro and the entire team at CH are dedicated to delivering top-tier healthcare to every Patient, ensuring a warm and welcoming approach each time. Here is Drake P.'s experience with our Team.

Sally V. Testimonial

Addressing the problem at its root is the key to avoiding surgery and living a pain-free life without medication.Hear Sally's story and discover how Club Health helped her overcome chronic pain and avoid spinal surgery.‍

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