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Luis Ribeiro

Founder & Clinical Director

Luis Ribeiro is a globally recognised medical practitioner whose dedication to health and healing has established his reputation in the field for nearly two decades. As the Founder and Clinical Director of Club Health, his background as a professional footballer and football Physiotherapist has deeply informed his holistic approach to wellness. Luis is driven by a clear goal: to deliver simple, authentic care that addresses the root causes of health issues, steering clear of invasive treatments and unnecessary medications.

His approach is grounded in the belief that effective care should enhance the body's natural healing processes, offering a path to improved health without the risks associated with surgery or the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Luis champions a model of care that prioritises the well-being and health span of his Patients, focusing on preventative measures, rehabilitation, and the promotion of long-term wellness.

Luis' methodology is about more than just avoiding invasive procedures; it's about actively providing solutions that improve the quality of life for those he works with. He is recognised not only for his expertise but also for his genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the health of his patients. This dedication to providing thoughtful, effective care has made Luis a trusted source for those seeking to enhance their health and navigate their way to a more active life.

At the core of Luis’ work is a commitment to providing the best possible care, where the goal is to unlock each individual's potential for a life well lived. This has not only set him apart in his field but also defined him as a trusted healer in the eyes of those he helps.

"There's existing, there's living, and then there's living a life worth lived"
Luis RibeIro | Founder & Clinical Director

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