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The Answer To Your New Year’s Resolutions: Physiotherapy.

Do you know what it takes to make, or break a habit? Let us be honest, the answer is not as simple as “21 days”. It’s about having a plan and being disciplined!

In just a few days everyone’s social media feeds will be flooding with new year’s resolutions, goals and motivational messages around fitness, lifestyle and wellness. Unfortunately, as we all know, most of them will fade by February 1st.

The ones that won’t fail are the ones that are based on a plan, broken down into tangible steps. That’s why in this article we want to dive into why a visit to your Physio is that tangible first step to turn your new year’s aspirations into reality. Keep reading!

Body evaluation

Let’s start with a vital question. How aware are you of your body’s state? We are not referring to the things that appear on the surface, like pain or discomfort, or the lack of an aesthetically pleasing six-pack.

We are talking about the things that cause what’s surfacing. Is your sore thumb caused by your Tinder swiping? Is your bunion the aftermath of your weak glutes? How about your low energy levels being one of the side effects of menopause or hormonal fluctuations? That’s what we’re referring to; being aware of what really needs your attention and what’s causing all the unwanted issues.

Physiotherapy session at Club Health with Founder & Clinical Director Luis Ribeiro.

Every journey at Club Health begins exactly like that, by starting from within. Through thorough evaluation of the patient’s body and needs, our specialists identify what areas to focus on and how. In addition to the patient’s physical condition, our Team analyses the patient’s current mental state, lifestyle and availability to ensure that every aspect of their daily life is accounted for and is taken into consideration when forming a coherent plan to improve their body and mind.

Setting life-changing, attainable goals

The reason most NYR’s don’t make it past February is very simple. It comes down to being vague, or wishful even, and having no self-discipline. Everyone would love to work out 6 days a week, eat lean, meditate, do yoga in the morning and go to bed by 21:00… in theory! Truth is we are all different, so how on earth can our resolutions’ lists look pretty much the same?

Our aim during your first session at Club Health is to help you define your personal goals, that address all the points mentioned in the previous section and facilitate one purpose, getting you closer to the best version of yourself, utilising 100% of your potential.

What do we mean? Instead of your goals looking like a checklist from an online life coach, relevant to all and useful to none, we want your goals to look more like a solid action plan with specific stepping stones and timeframes.

Which leads us to the next point!

Your plan of care (POC)  

After identifying your needs and establishing your goals, we are missing one thing. The plan. This is where the Plan of Care comes in. At CH we create a personalised Plan of Care after every assessment, to ensure our patients follow a consistent program that will help them succeed on what they set out to achieve.

The Plan includes everything from what your rehabilitation training should look like, to what type of manipulative & manual therapy you’ll need, and even what supplements to take!

The PoC is the reason your NYR’s will make it well past February and give you long term, life-changing results.

Private sessions & guidance

It’s very easy to lose the plot when leading a busy lifestyle. Whether it’s your career, family or social life that’s taking up most of your time, your wellbeing should always take the front seat!

One-on-one sessions, supervision and personal contact are the ways to always be reminded of that and stay on track. Be it Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates or Rehab & Conditioning sessions, all practitioners at CH make sure you are encouraged, hyped and focused both during your time at the Clinic and while you’re away.

One-on-one Rehab & Conditioning sessions at Club Health.

Support & adaptation

What happens if your circumstances change, or you’ve reached your first stepping stone quicker than expected? Adaptation.

Our Team holds weekly meetings to revise and update your PoC to ensure it is adapted to, and follows your latest life circumstances and needs. Even if that means switching to online supervised sessions for a while, replacing treatments, or making a new Plan altogether.

No matter the obstacle, our Team is with you every step of the way, treating your resolutions as their own… and that’s why visiting Club Health is the answer to seeing your NYR’s take shape in 2022, and your new lifestyle and habits carried into 2023.

“It’s the small habits that we do now, that lead to huge results in the future. These patterns added up over long periods of time can have a tremendous impact on who you are.”  Luis Ribeiro

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